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Floods in Japan kill 7; search for missing slowed by mud

Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services. You can help protect yourself from scammers by verifying that the contact is a Microsoft Agent or Microsoft Employee and that the phone number is an official Microsoft global customer service number. I will help you with this issue. This option would appear in the Windows Explorer.

If the option does not show up in the Windows Explorer check if it is enabled. This option should appear in the header.

You can use ->whereDate() instead of ->where() $projects = Project::where(‘​description’, ‘like’, ‘%’. $search. ‘%’) ->whereDate(‘created_at’.

Browser hijackers pertaining to 7search. Browser hijackers associated with 7search. Browser hijackers can also change your default homepage and search engine with no possibility to change them back. You should reconfigure your browser settings and eliminate all browser hijackers to block disturbing redirects to 7search. Name required. Email will not be published required. Registry Details 7search.

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How To Tame Windows 7 and Outlook Search Syntax–Knowing The Syntax Makes All The Difference

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FileMaker has an interesting concept when you do a search called a Found Set. You can do something really simple like Portland in the city field — enter or Perform Find will execute that find. So the Found Set is the number of records in your database that match the search that you just did. FileMaker allows you to search more than 1 field at the same time. This will find only Portland, Oregon. This gives me a smaller set of records. FM also has, when looking at a search, a drop down menu called Operators.

The default mode is Starts With — it actually searches for anything that starts with that particular word. You also have Exact Matches — there are two different types of Exact Matches that match exactly with the field.

7 Search engine optimisation tips to help you get started

In the article, Take advantage of Search filters in Windows Explorer , I showed you how to use and take advantage of the Search filters built into the Windows 7 Explorer Search Box and in the article Tag your files for easier searches in Windows 7 , I showed you how to Tag your files in Microsoft Windows 7 using tools built into Windows Explorer. After both of those articles were published, I received email from readers wondering about how the Search Index in Windows 7 works and if it were possible to customize it.

Some readers wanted to add different locations to the Search Index and some wanted to remove certain locations. Others wondered about adding or removing certain file types from the Search Index. I also heard from readers who were encountering problems with the Windows 7’s Search and wondered how to fix it.

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Windows 7 Search might be all you need

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Searching for files in Windows 7 drives people crazy. Stop going crazy. Start finding files faster. When you learn some simple techniques, you can save time and be more productive. Finding what you want faster Start with the basics. MakeUseOf reminds you how to use search techniques that we once knew but may have forgotten now that we Google everything.

Using Boolean operations AND, OR and NOT in caps , incorporating wildcards asterisks and question marks and putting quotes around exact matches are easy ways to limit your search results.

Fine tune the Windows 7 Search Index for better performance

Effective date : Year of fee payment : 4. Year of fee payment : 8. High-speed networking application equipments with a layer-2 to layer-7 hardware search engine and method are with flexibility and performance improvement.

Headquarters Location Des Plaines, Illinois, United States; Headquarters Regions Greater Chicago Area, Great Lakes, Midwestern US; Founded Date

Searches provide information on a particular property. They can only be ordered by or on behalf of a person who has an interest in land within the area. For the purposes of ordering a Search, the Local Government Act Section states that a person has an interest in land if and only if that person is:. A rates certificate is generated which shows rates levied for this financial year and outstanding rates due. The specific property is checked against the contaminated land register to identify whether any relevant notices have been issued.

A search is done on previous applications to check whether there are any continuing conditions. A copy of the indemnity insurance if available is attached and any encumbrances, Land Management Agreements or current notices issued for that particular property are indicated on the search. Searches must include a copy of the Certificate of Title in order for Council to process the search request. A certificate of title is an official record of land ownership in South Australia.

Using the online portal is the quickest and easiest way to request a Section 7 Search. Council has up to 8 working days from the date the payment is received to complete a search. Urgent searches will be given priority but Council will not guarantee a 24 hour turnaround. Additional fees apply.

Windows 7 search results – how can I sort by date by default?

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The report collects financial statements, organizational structure information, shares and shareholder information, and data on the eligibility to be a qualified FBO as defined in Regulation K. OMB: Background: The Federal Reserve implemented the FR Y-7 in and since then has revised the report several times to improve its usefulness as a supervisory tool.

In , the FR Y-7 was revised to conform to changes in regulations, facilitate the use of the data collected, to reduce burden on reporters, and to lower system costs. Respondent Panel: The panel consists of all FBOs that are organized under the laws of a foreign country and that are engaged in the business of banking in the United States through subsidiary banks, Edge or agreement corporations, subsidiary commercial lending companies, or their own branches or agencies. These are mandatory reports.

Frequency: Annually, as of the end of the FBO’s fiscal year. The reports are due no later than four months after the as-of date. Public Release: Respondents may request confidential treatment for certain information; nonconfidential data are available to the public upon request. Data from the FR Y-7 are not published. Last Update: December 11, Search Submit Search Button. Toggle Dropdown Menu.

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

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Federal, state, and local regulations govern many aspects of wind energy development. The nature of the project and its location will largely drive the levels of regulation required. To learn about primary federal incentives for developing and investing in wind power, resources for funding wind power, and opportunities to partner with the U. Department of Energy and other federal agencies on efforts to move the U. Wind energy ordinances adopted by counties, towns, and other types of municipalities are one of the best ways for local governments to identify conditions and priorities for all types of wind development.

These ordinances regulate aspects of wind projects such as their location, permitting process, and construction. The standards specified in ordinances provide clarity to wind developers and the public. Ordinances may also address issues of community impact such as: land use, noise standards, and safety. If you would like to submit a wind energy ordinance that is not represented in the database, please email Frank A.

Wind Energy Policies and Incentives Federal, state, and local regulations govern many aspects of wind energy development. Ordinances Database Wind energy ordinances adopted by counties, towns, and other types of municipalities are one of the best ways for local governments to identify conditions and priorities for all types of wind development. Search by Keyword Search by Category. See ordinance.

7 Search engine optimisation tips to help you get started

DocuShare Search Tips. DocuShare search features let you run quick searches from the navigation bar as well as create advanced search queries to get better search results. Simple search tips. Using the Search area on the navigation bar, you can run quick searches by entering one or more search words separate words with a space , choosing a search scope, and clicking Search.

When running a simple search follow these tips to improve your results:. Do not use only stop words in a search term.

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Automated search solutions called search engines employ different techniques for accomplishing this. While an extensive discussion of these the mechanics of search engines is beyond the scope of this guide, we provide an overview of commonly used techniques. Search engines are a category of information retrieval systems designed to supply a subset of items from a population based on a specified set of criteria.

The structure and function of search engines are largely determined by:. Most familiar search engines explore the dynamically changing and widely varied information accessible via World Wide Web. In the field of e-discovery, however, the population of information is often static and determined by the scope of electronic data secured during the discovery process. As a result, search engines used in e-discovery can conduct a comprehensive examination of a population of data.

Indeed, one of the main requirements of a search engine applied to e-discovery should be the ability to identify all documents and data files that are responsive to a specific set of search criteria. The defining features of a search engine are the methods by which information about a population of data — metadata — is collected, stored, and examined to identify a subset of interest. In the scope of e-discovery, the purpose of collecting metadata is to generate a compact and easy to manipulate set of information about a population of electronic data.

In addition, the type of metadata collected is intended to increase the efficiency of identifying individual documents based on their unique features or categorizing documents based on common features. To support these goals metadata can take many forms including the type of information contained in individual data files e. Metadata is stored using a wide variety of methods which can include an index of document contents, a database of document characteristics, or a veridical representation of document contents i.

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