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Though the DLC costumes that are available online can be earned in-game, to bypass the lengthy leveling process players can simply fork over a couple bucks and jump to the head of the line. Yes, it does include a few new gadgets and gizmos for the faux Jokers and Batmans to play around with, but a feature like joining a match mid-game should not be considered downloadable content nor should being able to mute annoying players. However, that’s what Gotham City Impostors players are getting: a few new trinkets and some heavily requested features all delivered under the guise of DLC. Since this game is essentially a multiplayer only title , one would have assumed certain standards would have been offered, but some things were just missed. Unfortunately, Monolith has this title update slated for March — nearly a full month after the game’s release. Part of what is holding this game back from enticing more gamers is its matchmaking problems; something that most certainly will be rectified once joining games in progress is patched. At first Gotham City Impostors looked, when first revealed as unrelated to Arkham City , like a confusing mess of ideas. But when its Team Fortress 2 roots began to show themselves, a lot of gamers got excited. It’s too bad that they’re dropping the ball in terms of timely post-launch support.

Gotham City Impostors’ free DLC out on PC

This is a sorted by release date and name list of Games for Windows — Live titles ; 73 including released and former video games under Microsoft ‘s Games for Windows — Live platform, which include online gaming features. Two common features in all listed games are friends and achievements. With the closure of the Games for Windows Marketplace, [1] none of these games are available for purchase on demand from that store anymore, but the client software and the servers are still available.

Note : All of the following content is no longer available for purchase since the Games for Windows marketplace was shut down, but is left here for archival purposes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article.

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Craig Hubbard on Creating Chaos in ‘Gotham City Impostors’ [Interview]

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Fun but absolutely zero supported by devs, not a single patch or update since the release and the matchmaking is totally dumb.

The game was Gotham City Imposters and I was extremely excited to download and start working on the achievements. I installed it and played through the tutorial and then tried to enter matchmaking. There wasn’t a single game to connect to or a single person even in the lobby. I sat in matchmaking for several hours thinking it was just the servers or my connection and then found out from the GCI website that GFWL version is no longer being supported. Why is a game that can’t be played on the very first page of PC Games???

I might have just thrown my money away and saved myself the headache. I feel like I have been deceived and even ripped off.

List of Games for Windows – Live titles

Had I told you 3 years ago that a Batman first person shooter was being developed, you likely would have scoffed. But Rocksteady’s Arkham games have paved the road for successful, smaller games with the Batman name. That’s where developer Monolith stepped in with Gotham City Impostors. Can it make the transition into the competitive downloadable space, and is the game worth your money? There’s nothing sadder than having to start a review discussing the myriad of technical problems that plague a game such as this.

Gotham City Impostors seemingly is a game that has not been properly optimized for a mass PC audience.

For Gotham City Impostors on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled “Matchmaking and playing with Friends question”.

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Wot I Think: Gotham City Impostors

Skip to Content. Based on DC Comics characters, this cartoon shooter is a tale of good versus evil. But combat is the name of the game — with lots of weapons, explosives, and other gadgets used to destroy the other team –so it doesn’t have a very positive message. Plus, gamers can play as the good guys or the bad guys. One team has people dressed as Batman, who is a positive role model for the most part, but the other team has people dressed as the malevolent The Joker.

Craig Hubbard on Creating Chaos in ‘Gotham City Impostors’ [Interview] ComicsAlliance got in touch with Gotham City Impostors lead game designer Craig Hubbard to learn more about what went into -More matchmaking improvements.

So sit back, and read on as your games update. Earlier this month when I reviewed Gotham City Imposters , I noted that the game really needed a patch. Fortunately the developers over at Monolith have been teasing some free DLC since the game’s release. In addition to some new content and maps the main feature of this incoming free DLC is supposed to be drop-in matchmaking.

It is understandable that Monolith would include this feature in a DLC pack so as not to draw the ire of the multiplayer shooter community for releasing a game that is missing a key feature but face it, this is a classic case of developer misdirection. You get this shiny Katana, a new map, and some fun new costumes. These are in no way actual quotes from actual players or in anyway quotes from Monolith the developers of Gotham City Impostors.

It’s simply my example of the dialogue that I feel has been had with GCI’s players at least according to my brain. I really wish they’d give players more credit. Even in the video posted above they’re trying to make drop-in matchmaking seem like a big feature.

Steam lets you play in the streets of Gotham City Impostors for free

Egregious DRM and poor matchmaking mar an otherwise surprisingly fun and accessible multiplayer Gotham City Imposters is a lot fun, very enjoyable, but a little buggy when matchmaking. It is not going to appeal to fans of realistic FPS’ and there are limitations in terms of gameplay given that it is predominantly an online fps and nothing more. If you’ve caught a nasty case of first-person-shooter fatigue, you might be wondering what the genre needs to do to reignite your interest.

Gotham City Impostors, a downloadable offering developed by the people responsible for the F.

Now you can join the Bats and Jokerz of Gotham City Impostors at no enables Steamworks and features join-in-progress matchmaking and.

You know,you’ll the only person here or on my friends list that actually plays this game. I used to play a lot but got tired playing with randoms. Yeah, this is a great game, isn’t it? It’s a tough sell to people though, for some reason. It’s so cheap but no one wants to give it a chance! I hear ya,brother! It’s a shame. They don’t know what they’re missing. I love the outrageous,over the top characters and weapons.

Yeah, I’ve got two other friends who play. But they’ve moved in to other games so it might take some serious coaxing. Still, with 4 we would be pretty close to having a full team. We played through Dark Souls together. These days he and I play Transformers: Fall of Cybertron multiplayer, and he’s been hounding me to buy Diablo 3 for coop.

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